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Art and Graphics - Tips for getting you images on your signs

Most sign companies use computers to print the signs. The software used typically works with VECTOR graphics. Most clip art (especially if it is cut and pasted off of the internet) is not vectorized and does not have enough resolution to print clearly. A vector image is one of the two major graphic types (the other being bitmap). Vector graphics are made up of many individual objects. Each of these objects has individual properties assigned to it such as color, fill, and outline. Vector graphics are resolution independent because they can be output to the highest quality at any scale. Sofware like Adobe Photoshop are great for manipulating raster files, but you need Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw to create and manipulate vector files. Click here for graphic software tutorials . Bitmap or Rasterized files can't be directly converted to to Vector files. However, conversion (tracing) software does exist. Tools and information for converting bitmap graphics formats to scalable vector art. Includes tracing software for raster to vector conversions, plus tips and tutorials for manual tracing and for using the autotrace features in various graphics programs such as Flash, CorelDraw, Illustrator, and others. Click here for information on tracing software .
Common vector formats include:
AI (Adobe Illustrator)
CMX (Corel Exchange)
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile
DRW (Micrografx Draw)
WMF Windows Metafile
There is a lot of free clip art on the web, but not many vector files. Click here are a few sites you can search:
Vector Clip Art2 (inexpensive downloads): http://vector-images.com/catalogue.php

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